Confinement is a Team Building activity located in the heart of Hamilton, where your group is immersed in a room with 60 minutes to escape. This is an intellectually stimulating co-operative game which challenges you to think outside the box. 
We aim to provide an experience our customers won't forget - allowing them to escape their everyday lives and immerse themselves in an alternative reality. Confinement gives the encounter your inner child craves, delivering a heart-racing activity. We create an exhilarating environment that challenges your group! 

Are You In?


"Awesome teambuilding exercise. Very stimulating.

Good easy clues to follow, great story line."

- #Terootemaki

"Very fun and exciting rooms, really puts your mind to the test! Found it very easy to talk to the people who work there. Gave just enough information to help you out and still give you a brain tease.

Staff were excellent with great personalities. Very helpful and nice!"

- Given

"It was great fun! Very clever and well thought out.

We all enjoyed it - great teambuilding activity."

- Rosanne


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