You are all super-natural enthusiasts, and you’ve heard stories about an old villa in the middle of the woods that are close by. Everyone says that no one can get in, and if they can, they never get out. Of course your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to hunt it down. You find the doorway to the villa and start to get second thoughts… however you turn around and can’t figure out where you had come from. It’s getting dark, you need to go inside the villa and find a way out of these woods…

Last reset: 16/10/2018

Standard Level

Standard mission: 

It’s pretty spooky in there, you don’t want to be in there a second longer than you need to… find your way out and quick! 

Can you escape?

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

It’s obvious the place is haunted, but what happened here? Uncover the mystery, help bring peace to the restless spirits and get out of there!


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