As of the 11th of February the Killroom will be closed permanently and will reopen as a super exciting new theme by the 15th of February. Please call us on 07 838 0058 or email us at for any questions regarding bookings for this room. Online booking the Killroom for any date after the 15th will automatically be booked for the new room theme. 

A serial killer who has been hospitalised has gone missing along with Dr. Graham who was watching over the patient. The hospital has feared for the worst, the killer is known for violent attacks on hospital staff. Doctor Graham is brilliant and has nearly completed their research so it’s important that they’re found alive. The hospital have called you, the investigators, to investigate the crime scene and find any evidence on the whereabouts of the killer and the victim. The catch is that the hospital staff cannot give you information on the identity of the killer, all they know is that they identify as ‘Smith’. Dr. Graham is the only one with access to the files on the killers identity. You feel on edge, you’re sure the killer is still in the building and they could come back for you. Because of the level of danger, the hospital is on lockdown for an hour, including the room you’re investigating so the door you came from is locked. You need to find another way out fast, the killer might track you down before you can track them…. 

Horror theme not for the faint hearted
Room clues have been reset as of 29th of August 2018. 

Standard Level

Standard mission:

You need to get out as quick as you can. You're sure the killer is still in the building and the door is locked. Find another way out before the killer tracks you down. 

Can you escape the killer?

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

Find out the killers full identity to aid you in your investigation and get out before they catch you lurking. You only have 60 minutes to do it! 

Are you able to expose the killer and get out alive? 


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