A scavenger hunt that takes you through the Hamilton CBD, unlocking locks and ticking off tasks as you go. Perfect for one team, two teams racing, corporate events or tourists wanting to see some of what Hamilton has to offer! With two different scenarios and clues to choose from, do it twice or compete against each other with different objectives! Just like an outdoor escape room! Can you unlock everything and complete all the tasks in one hour?

Teams: 2-6 players per scenario

Bookings for this will be limited to daylight hours. Hours will be extended in the spring/summer months. This is a weather dependent activity, any bookings made on a rainy day will need to be rescheduled. 

*We have 3 set ups of each scenario for big groups.


You’ve been given this bag by an international spy known only as M who claims she retrieved it in a mission to save the world. She disappeared and left you a note inside. It’s up to you now to carry on what she started. 


You’ve been given this bag by a mastermind criminal. He’s asked you to keep it safe because the spy who’s after it is not who she says she is. He claims the world is at risk. Figure out what is in this bag before time runs out! 

$25 per person*

Please ensure you bring at least one cellphone with a camera as this is required to participate. Ensure this phone is sufficiently charged. 

We require a bond of $50 to be paid before the game, this will be returned to you when the bag and its contents are returned to Confinement. While cash is easier for the bond, we also accept Eftpos but there may be a delay between the refund and when the money returns to your account depending on your bank. If you wish to bring cash, there is an ATM located on the ground floor in SkyCity. 

*Scavenger hunt is not included in the Half-price Wednesday specials or the Entertainment Book voucher.


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