Client experience is our number one priority so we are looking for someone who is passionate in wanting to create a fun and safe experience for the players and has attention to detail while working well under pressure. You will be required to coordinate up to 32 people at one time so people skills and confidence is a must. 

Skills Needed -Confidence coordinating large groups -Eager to create a fun, exciting experience for clients -A fast learner -Timely and reliable-A team player -Leadership-Organised and adaptable -Work well under pressure -High attention to detail -Passionate about the company & concept

Tasks and Duties -Taking bookings -Health and safety briefing -Co-ordinating teams -Taking fun team photos -Promoting competitions, reviews & repeat bookings. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a Confinement team member get in touch today!

Current Available Positions

Summer Casual Positions Available. Must be free from November-February for shifts - potential to become permanent part-time roles. 

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Application Sent.

For any other employment inquiries please contact us at employment@confinement.co.nz 


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