You’re undercover cops who have been sent to arrest the owner of this underground casino. There just one problem, no one know who he is. You’ve taken it upon yourselves to investigate the casino from the inside. The underground dealers who run the place have caught onto you though and have locked you inside and have threatened to torture you if you cant find your way out of their casino in an hour. They think they’ve outsmarted you but you and your team are onto it and are sure you can find a way out. 

Last reset 25/09/2018

Standard Level

Standard mission:

those dealers won't outsmart you! You're all sure you can get out before they come back. Follow the path of clues through their casino and find your way out before you’re caught and tortured by the dealers! 

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

Your boss would sure be mad if you left that Casino without making an arrest! 

Fulfill your mission and find out the identity of the Boss before escaping and take this casino down! 


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