Your Summer at “Camp Amity” has been great. Despite your rivalry with Team Glacier, you’ve made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is the last day of camp and you’ve been dreaming about the Final Feast all Summer, but today the Camp Leaders gave a terrible announcement... Someone has been stealing food from the pantry with no signs of entry. The Leaders are baffled (and very upset) so unless someone fesses up, the Final Feast is cancelled!

You overheard Team Glacier talking about some food. You’re suspicious, so you’ve devised a plan to save the Final Feast. Tonight, while everyone is away at supper, you’re going to sneak into their cabin and investigate! 

Room last reset: 01.08.2018


It's obvious Team Glacier has something to do with the missing food, but you don't want to risk getting caught in their cabin! Find the way to the pantry and fast, before someone catches you! 


Team Glacier couldn't do this alone, they must've had help! Find out who is responsible for the cancellation of the Final Feast and get out before they catch you lurking in Cabin 13! 


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