You’ve heard many camp myths about a secret door that leads to the pantry. The legends promise an unlimited supply of midnight snacks to anyone that can find it.

That sounds like a good challenge for a team of hungry campers, but it won’t be easy.

Rumours have led you to Team Glacier’s empty cabin and you’ve decided to sneak in under the cover of darkness.

You’ve caused a distraction in the middle of camp, but it won’t last long.  Can you find the legendary secret door in time? 

Mike and Kyle are the best friends who last took on the mission to find the secret door. After disagreements on how to get there, they split up and searched separately.They have left some clues for future campers on two different paths.

Room last reset: 27.11.2018


Mike found a short cut to the snacks! Choose his path and escape as quick as possible and uncover the secrets of cabin 13!


Kyle took a longer route but discovered something important along the way. Choose to follow Kyle and uncover more about cabin 13 and get out before the camp councilors find you!


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