You've heard rumours about an abandoned army base just out of town. You and your journalist friends decide to investigate for a story. You've squeezed through a gap in the fence and successfully dodged the buried land mines. You sneak inside, the door creaks and the dust unsettles, no one has stepped foot inside for 100 years - until now. As you make your way into the base to look around the door slams shut behind you and is jammed! You are trapped and to make it worse the door slam triggered a nearby landmine and the explosion alerted the government who are less than pleased that you're there. 

What are they hiding?

Last reset on 01/08/2017

Standard Level

Standard mission: 

The government officials will be there very soon, you must escape otherwise who knows what will happen. If you choose the standard mission you are able to make a quick escape and get out of the abandoned base fast, and they won't have proof you've been there. 

Can you escape?

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

You've got the opportunity to be one step ahead. The military will arrive soon to catch you! You have the chance to find out what the government are hiding from you. 

 Choose the advanced and expose the governments secret.

Do you have what it takes to take on the enemy?


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