Its 1916,   a few months ago this was a quiet village, but the enemy has invaded and  Fighting has broken out. Your own home has been destroyed by the enemy. Chaos is everywhere. You flee out onto the streets…. Gun shots ring out for all directions. You see a home, that is relatively unaffected… the door is opened  And you rush in side to take refuge. The door closes behind you and you are locked inside.  There is no one here…but as you start to look around,  you begin to realise that the choice you made – may have not been the best one….. it seems that You have taken refuge in the home of the leader of the enemy ,  not just his home but possibly a secret headquarters for the entire force…..obviously he has been living as a spy in your very own village for quite some time. You know you are probably in more danger being in this house,  than you would be on the street. You must get out before the soldiers return!

Last reset on 01/08/2017

Standard Level

Standard mission: 

The enemy will be back very soon, you must escape otherwise who knows what will happen. If you choose the standard mission you are able to make a quick escape and get out of the enemies lair fast, and they won't even notice you've been there. 

Can you escape?

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

You've got the opportunity to be one step ahead. The enemy will be back soon from their rounds. You have the chance to find out where the next air strike will take place and stop the enemy from invading. Choose the advanced and expose the enemies next plan of attack and be a hero.

Do you have what it takes to take on the enemy?