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Terms and conditions,

COMPANY means Confinement Ltd, a New Zealand Operating Business
YOU means the visitor of the WEBSITE and the person making the booking,
GAME means the services provided by the COMPANY
BOOKING means this agreement in which YOU reserve a time slot for the GAME of the COMPANY


Confinement Ltd does not store any credit card information, all payments are processed through "Payment Express". Their privacy policies can be found here


You warrant and declare that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to use the booking system in accordance with all terms and conditions herein.

You are responsible for all members of your team and you need to ensure that they adhere to the terms and conditions of this BOOKING.

You also warrant that all information supplied by you in the booking system is true and accurate. If false information is provided and we are unable to contact you, your booking will be cancelled immediately.

You enter the COMPANY's premise and play the game on your own responsibility and consent.

You play the GAME at your own risk.

If you have any medical conditions or you are pregnant, it is your decision if you can play or not. COMPANY cannot be held liable for any injury, damages or otherwise.

No participant of the GAME can be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. The COMPANY has full power to deny access or remove you if COMPANY thinks the you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You are not allowed to play the game if you have infectious disease and/or you would be a threat to others' well being.

You are required to follow the instructions of the COMPANY representatives

You are not allowed to climb on the furniture or use physical force to solve puzzles.

You are not allowed to"pick" any lock nor damage property to access any lock

You are not allowed to play the game in a way that endangers your or any other participants safety and well being.

No bags are to be taken into the GAME. Lockers are provided for you.

No phones, cameras or videoing equipment are permitted in the GAME

No weapons of any kind are permitted in the GAME. This includes knives, scissors, pepper spray or any item that can be considered harmful

Food and beverages cannot be taken into the game rooms.

Smoking is prohibited at the premise of the COMPANY.

The length of the GAME is 60 minutes. This will not be extended if you do not escape within the given time.


The GAME is primarily designed for adults. However some children can be a valuable member of a team. In certain situations and composition an all children plus 1 adult team might also be succesful.
However, note should be taken of the room age recommendations.

The GAME can be played by minimum 2 people. Individuals can not play as an individual

The minimum age to play the game in a 
family group is 5

The details per team size are:
2 person team: all members of the team must be over 15
3 + person teams: minimum 1 adult in the team who has to be a parent of one of the children. (if children are younger than 15)
Adults must supervise children at all times. The Adult is responsible for the actions of the children If the COMPANY thinks that the behaviour of the children can endanger their own, each others or the equipment's safety, the COMPANY has all the power to remove the whole or part of the group from the room.


You must arrive to the GAME's location 15 minutes prior to your booked game time. If you arrive after your game start time then your GAME will have to be cut shorter. 


The language of the game is English. Although most puzzles are not language specific, some puzzles require some level of English.


You are not allowed to record any video, audio or take photos in the rooms. If you do you will be removed from the GAME immediately and you will have to delete the recording.


You understand that the rooms are under constant surveillance and each session is recorded for safety, health and training purposes.


COMPANY can refuse you to enter the GAME or remove you from the GAME if you or any of the team members violate any point of this terms and conditions.

You will not be refunded if you are refused entry or removed from the room because of violating any points of this terms and conditions.


Any booking can be cancelled or modified by calling the phone number of the COMPANY found on the WEBSITE. No BOOKING can be cancelled or modified less than 24 hours before the game. A full refund is payable if a GAME is cancelled or modified before 24 hours of the scheduled time slot.


Payments must be made before the GAME. 

Payments can be made with credit card or cash at the location of the GAME if the booking is made on site

No refunds once the GAME is paid for.

If you are refused entry or removed from the room because of violating any points of this terms and conditions you will not be refunded.


The COMPANY is not responsible if you cannot play the GAME due to an event outside of the control of the COMPANY. These events include but not exclusive to:
natural disaster
power outage
some part of the GAME (clues, props, computers, etc) breaks and becomes unusable
COMPANY representative can't get to the game due to road closure or similar
COMPANY is not responsible for any errors or mistakes in the BOOKING or lack of it if it is caused by the third party booking system.


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