When you were young your grandmother Nancy used to tell you of a home she once lived as a very young child, her father fought for the rights of the Jewish during World War II, she told you stories of being taken from the house never seeing her parents again…

You’ve always passed it off as a made-up story to try and spook you and your friends … but now you’re older you and start to question your ancestry and well, you’re also a sucker for mysteries, you have set out to fill in the gaps.

You go searching for this place that your grandmother described, you then stumble across an untouched lost villa that fits the stories, it appears untouched since the second world war you head inside and the door slams behind you…You feel like you’re not alone, you need to get out as soon as possible. 

Last reset: 21/02/2018

Standard Level

Standard mission: 

You've been followed! You are not alone and you're being watched! 

Find out your family tree and escape as soon as you can, before you have unwanted company. 

Can you escape?

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

Find out your family tree and discover what only your great grandfather knew.

Be quick! You're not alone... Someone has followed you. Don't stick around long enough to find out who. 

What is the family secret? 


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