The mysterious Killer has taken many lives but remains un-captured. You are his next potential victims. He has locked you in his Kill Room, he watches your every move as he enjoys the panic. To tempt you with hope, and for his entertainment he has allowed you 60 minutes to escape before you are his... tick-tock, tick-tock

Horror theme not for the faint hearted
Room clues have been reset as of April 2018. Next reset is August 2018.

Standard Level

Standard mission:

The mysterious killer has given you 60 minutes to escape! Can you do it, as a team? You have the opportunity to get out of there if you choose the standard mission! Do not become the killers next victim, get out alive! Save yourselves! 

Do you have the guts to escape the Killer's game? 

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

You in the killers secret lair! You have the chance to expose this sick twisted person. You have 60 minutes to find your way through this game. By choosing the advanced level you get the opportunity of revealing who the killer actually is and get him arrested! 

Are you able to expose the killer and get out alive? 



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