This room is designed for those wanting a bit of a thrill.
This is an advanced level room.
Now with a standard and an advanced level to choose from while you are in the room.
The mysterious Lester has taken many lives but remains un-captured. You are his next potential victims. He has locked you in his Kill Room, he watches your every move as he enjoys the panic. To tempt you with hope, and for his entertainment he has allowed you 60 minutes to escape before you are his.. tick tock tick tock

Best suited for 2 - 8 people
Horror theme not for the faint hearted
Room has been reset on the 06/06/2017
"What an awesome place! Incredibly well thought out!! We loved every minute of the kill room! So much fun, we will certainly be back for more"
"Such an amazing team building experience!!!! Recommend to all."