You have gone to the parent teacher interviews and have sat down with the teacher to discuss the performance of your child.  Your child has always told you that the teacher is a a bit off, but you thought it was just your kids imagination.  It does not take long for you to realise that this woman is totally psychotic. She starts yelling and telling you that she hates children, and hates the parents even more! She's gone to the gas station to get some gas to burn the place down! Careful, she is a pyromaniac! When she gets back in an hour shes burning the building down with or without you in it! So get out quick! 

Room reset on the : 05/10/2017

A room designed with a family friendly theme, with puzzles that are equally challenging for adult teams as it is for a family. Parental guidance for kids under 10 years.

Standard Level

Standard mission:

The crazy teacher who was recently admitted into the mental hospital will be back soon to rid the world of parents and students. You can make a quick escape and select the standard mission that will let you escape without getting caught by her.

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

The crazy teacher will be back in an hour, you have the chance to find out which hospital she has come from so you are able to ring them and send them back! Make sure you find the letter and get her the help she needs. You have 60minutes, before she attempts to rid the world of parents and students. .

Can you crack The Classroom?


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