The ministry of education has received reports from numerous students and parents about the old-fashioned teacher of Room 13 who has allegedly been still using corporal punishment to discipline students. You are from the ministry and have decided to come and investigate the classroom following these reports. The teacher is onto you and has something sinister planned, do you want to stick around to find out what she has in store for you?

Room reset on the : 20.03.2018

A room designed with a family friendly theme, with puzzles that are equally challenging for adult teams as it is for a family. Parental guidance for kids under 10 years.

Standard Level

Standard mission:

The door is jammed! Someone must have locked it! Don't worry about your mission! Just get out as quick as you can so you don't have to find out what the teacher has in store for you!

Advanced Level

Advanced mission:

You have good suspicion that the teacher knows you're here... that door is locked!

She must be testing your intelligence to see if you can escape in an hour! If you can't, you don't want to know what she has in store for you! 

Find some evidence that she's been using corporal punishment and get out as quick as possible! 

Can you crack The Classroom?


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