The Attic

You have broken into the attic of the home belonging to late Charles Kingston to save the secret treasure before the building is demolished and the treasure lost forever ... The door slams shut behind you... is it because someone doesn't want the treasure found, is it the ghost of Charles? You hear machinery start, is today the day of the demolition? Find your way to the attic rescue the treasure and find the key to get out - before its too late. The race is on.

Best suited for up to 10 people

Advanced Level

The new arrangement of the attic allows you to use your brain in all kind of different ways to find your way out.
Designed to test your patience and teamwork, this room is estimated to take about 60 minutes to get out.

Challenge yourself and book now!

Room has been reset on the 10/02/2017

Standard Level

Now introducing a level that is appropriate for children. This involves working as a team, to solve a series of clues to be able to get out of the attic before the house is demolished! Perfect for a school holiday activity !

Parental guidance for kids under 10 years old.
This level is designed for families as well.
So come and check out the new set up of the attic.

"Well worthy the money and a fantastic time. Will definitely be coming back to try the other rooms!"
"Soo much fun ! Really set the theme we just throughly enjoyed it and will be back to try another room very soon. The team there were great and super friendly."