We reset each room every 4 months to be able to mix it up and to keep you coming back for more fun and adventure! 
 That's one new room set up every month!
Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram for the latest room update or check the rooms for the latest reset!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Are we locked in the room?
    • No, the door you enter through will be unlocked at all times, which may be used in an emergency, to use the bathroom during the game or to take a break if needed. 
  • Whats the age limits?
    • Children over the age of 5 are allowed to attend if a parent is also playing, puzzles are challenging in all rooms so do need an adult to help progress through the game.
    • Over the age of the of 13 years may attend without a parent (parental consent under 16).
  • What happens if we don't get out in time?
    • A "Confinement" staff member will come and let you out an you will be invited back to try again another day.
  • What happens in emergency?
    • Your main exit is the door you entered which is unlocked at all times. 
    • If your nearest emergency exit is the door you are trying to escape from, then there will be an emergency tear code clearly labelled on the back of the door, tear this to reveal the code for you to easily exit the room, this will be pointed out by staff before you start the game.
    • A Walkie Talkie is provided to a designated member from your team to communicate directly with our staff, you may also use the door you entered from to contact staff for assistance. 
    • A briefing will be done so you know where everything can be found for reassurance.
  • Do we need reading glasses?
    • Yes we recommend bringing your reading glasses along as they will be very useful in the darker rooms.
  • What do you class as appropriate shoes?
    • Anything that is flat, we do not recommend heels as there are rooms with stairs and may incur in a lot of going up and down. Flat comfortable shoes are best. No bare feet.
  • What if I'm claustrophobic? 
    • No need to worry! Our rooms are nice and big, there are no extremely small spaces and the entry door is unlocked for you to leave if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do you have wheelchair access? 
    • Unfortunately, due to our new location having stairs and narrow doors we do not have wheelchair access to the rooms. 


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